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Our Mission and Philosophy

MISSION STATEMENT:  Seeking to present every man perfect (complete) in Christ Jesus.  Our mission statement is based on Colossians 1:27b-28, "Christ in you the hope of glory:  whom we preach, warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus."  Christ is at the very center of all we are and do.  He is our hope of glory and He is the subject of our preaching.  We are not denomination focused or tradition focused, but Christ focused.  The complete person is one who knows and reflects Jesus Christ.  Presenting people complete in Christ begins with evangelism as we lead them to know the Savior through faith.  Once that person is a believer, the path to completion is a life long journey of growth in grace through the teaching of God's word.  Our goal will never be realized until we behold our Savior's face at His second coming, but the best and most fruitful life is one in which a believer is constantly progressing toward Christ-like completeness.



God's word gives us two methods for accomplishing the Lord's work.  Whether we are doing evangelism or ministering to believers, these are God's ordained methods:  preaching the word and prayer.  Our ministry may utilize a variety of programs and methods, but they all tie into the two basics of presenting God's word and praying for God's power and blessing.  Because of this conviction, we maintain expository preaching and teaching as our basic approach to presenting God's word, and we are careful to keep prayer as an essential part in all we do.



God is all-in-all and His glory is the highest good.  As those created by Him, worship is the right response of the believing heart toward God.  Worship is, therefore, a main part of what we do as a church.  Our worship includes reading the word, praying the word, preaching the word, singing the word, and doing the word.  The Sunday morning service is especially intended to be a time in which our church family unites in worship.


We believe that the family is the first and most basic institution of society. God is the author of families. Our ministry is devoted to assisting and encouraging parents as they build their homes God’s way. Our children are a stewardship entrusted by God to us as parents. As Christian parents, we all need godly wisdom to succeed in raising our children in the fear of the Lord.

Musical communication of God’s Word is a proper and important means of worship and edification for the people of God. When the lyrics and melodies correspond to the revelation and character of God, the benefit of music is enormous. We believe that worldly, pop, rock and some other forms of popular music are inappropriate to communicate the truth and character of God. We, therefore, reject Contemporary Christian Music and Christian Rock and use only those songs and melodies that are unmistakably godly. Simply put, we stick with traditional style psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.

You may be wondering why we have the word “independent” in our church name. The term indicates that we are not organizationally connected to a denomination or association of churches. We are independent. We remain unconnected to preserve our liberty to worship God and follow the Scriptures in keeping with our own conscience before the Lord. In this day when so many churches, even some with the term “Baptist” in their name, take the liberty of departing from the Bible to follow their own ideas, we avoid compromising our conscience before God by remaining organizationally independent. We, however, welcome the fellowship of churches and believers everywhere who remain faithful to Christ and His Word.